Dupont State Forest Adventure


When I was in North Carolina we spent the night in Hendersonville, which is 30 minutes away from Dupont State Forest. When my dad and I arrived at the parking lot of our hike we planned to go on, it started pouring down rain…and it kept pouring rain. Eventually I convinced my Dad it had eased up enough so we decided to start our hike. We searched the car for anything that would help keep our cameras dry. I came up with 1 pancho, a plastic grocery bag and a ziplock bag. So we headed out in the pouring rain and yes I got the pancho! I would say that hiking in the rain was not fun but I would just be lying, it was a blast! By the time we arrived at the first falls the rain had just about stopped. The waterfall was cool but there was more to see so we kept on our hike after taking a few pictures. When we finally made it to the final waterfall the sun was peeking out of the clouds. For every shot I took I had to wipe off my lens because the waterfall was giving off a mist of water. We ended staying until dark because I kept telling my dad “just one more shot” and we ended up having to run back to our car in fear of being locked in the park. Thanks for reading and always remember;


--Trevor Currie

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