Day One of the St. Louis Art Fair


I arrived in Clayton at 10:50 this morning and waited to gain access to our booth. Once we were in I met with the other emerging artists to create a game plan for the tent. Next were the walls. We got them placed, zip-tied, and secured. Lighting was next and then we were ready to start bringing in all the work. By 3pm I was set up and headed back to get cleaned up before the opening at 5pm. I got to talk with lots of cool people tonight and visited with friends and family that came out. This afternoon while we were setting up some of the art fair staff warned us that we may have severe weather this evening and to be alert. They were not wrong. Two hours and fifteen minutes into the fair we were notified to evacuate in the next 30 minutes. Ten minutes later, matted work was packed away, my walls were bare and I was dashing the 6 blocks to get to safety. That being said, it was a great night! I can’t thank everyone enough that came out tonight and I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday. Thanks for reading and always remember;


--Trevor Currie

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