Day 2 & 3 of the St. Louis Art Fair


All I can say is that I am home tonight lying in bed feeling so grateful for everyone I’ve met. Before I get ahead of myself, Day 2 of the St. Louis Fair began with a phone call from the Art Festival PR letting me know that the St. Louis Post Dispatch had picked up my story and would be interviewing me that day. When I arrived to set up my booth I was met by the Post-Dispatch photographer that took pictures of me putting my booth together. Once I was finished it was awesome to see the prints that Nations Photo Lab provided looking so alive and colorful on the walls of my booth. The fair opened and the crowds started filling in the streets of Clayton. Throughout the day I met so many great people walking the fair. I am also lucky enough to have some incredible friends that seemed to be a constant flow of support throughout the day! And even though I was there 11 hours, the day flew by.


Day 3 started with an artist awards ceremony. It was fun to see which artists won awards and the work they created. Once the fair opened I was again so happy to meet so many kind and interesting people. Many had seen the story in the Post-Dispatch and made a point to stop by my booth and talk with me. The entire fair was a great experience from meeting and working with artists last year, to all the guidance provided by the fair on the jury process, to the success I had selling my work this year. It’s a little surreal to think that my pieces are in so many homes in and around St. Louis tonight. This has been a weekend I will never forget. And before I go to bed, I believe it more than ever,


--Trevor Currie

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