The Kirkwood Call Version of Sports Illustrated 2013 NCAA Basketball Champion Covers

Cover Shoot.jpg
As some of you may know I am the Visual Editor of The Kirkwood Call Kirkwood High school newspaper. During the school year most of the pictures I take are for the newspaper. Being a part of this publication allows me to have a creative outlet where I can get out of my comfort zone and create images that I wouldn't normally get to make. This past week I photographed our own version of Sports Illustrated 2013 NCAA basketball champion covers. Instead of photographing just basketball I photographed Boys Basketball,Girls Basketball, Wrestling and Girls Swimming for a winter sports preview. We used students, teachers and administration to fill in around the players. Once the people were lined up in the stands, I climbed onto a ladder and photographed them cheering wildly. It was very cool to see how excited everyone was to be participating in this cover shoot. I hope that excitement is felt in the images that were produced. the issue will be released tomorrow, November 24, 2014. I can’t wait to see what projects will be in front of me for the next issue!

I hope to be blogging more about what I do for The Kirkwood Call in the future. As always thanks for reading and always remember:


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