My Summer Adventure

 Student Conservation Association

I am so excited to announce that I have received an early acceptance offer from the Student Conservation Association for the National Crew for this summer! I will be located somewhere in a national park, forest or wildlife refuge in the United States working three plus weeks restoring trails, building rock staircases, or other conservation service project. I will know more about my specific assignment and location between the months of March and May and will be sure to update everyone as soon as I know!

I am really excited to have this opportunity for multiple reasons. I am looking forward to exploring new locations while doing rewarding work that will have an impact in this world. I am also looking forward to getting to know my fellow crew members and getting away from all electronics while just being in nature. Finally and maybe most obvious, I am excited to have new photographic opportunities that I can share with the world! I am so grateful for this opportunity and will keep you let you know more details as learn them.

I would like you also to consider supporting Student Conservation Association with a donation. It is giving teenagers just like me the opportunity to explore our parks and make a difference. You can click donate below, if you would like to help support the Student Conservation Association.


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